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The identities of our three judges are kept secret until the evening of the Top Twenty Competition. The Gala committee chooses the judging panel by secret ballot and results are known only to the committee member serving as judge coordinator.

Our judges will be drawn from three areas: AKC-licensed judge, not a breeder or owner of Golden Retrievers; AKC-licensed breeder judge, who breeds Golden Retrievers; and, an AKC judge who breeds Golden Retrievers (see Rules for more information.) All have extensive backgrounds in Golden Retrievers and are well-qualified to judge this event. We greatly appreciate their time and effort in helping make the annual Top Twenty event a great success!

   Previous Top 20 Gala Judges
1997 - Rhonda Hovan, Dana Cline, Chris Weeks
1998 - Debbie Kahla, Elaine Young, Pluis Davern
1999 - Betty-Anne Stenmark, Glenn Lycan, Hatch Hachel
2000 - Carl Liepmann, Pam Oxenberg, Berna Welch
2001 - Not held
2002 - Audra Snyder, Teri Kocher, Carole Falberg
2003 - Charles Rogers, Beth Johnson, Gloria Kerr
2004 - Dorothy McDonald, Randy Schepper, Marjorie Moore
2005 - Jonathan Chase, Janet Bunce, Tonya Struble
2006 - Michele Granger Leon, Amy Rodrigues, Nancy Talbott
2007 - Carol Morrison, Connie Miller, Bernadette Cox
2008 - Sandra Dunn, Barbara Pepper, Ellen Hardin
2009 - Helen Dorrance, Diane Mueller, Janice Provenzano
2010 - Jennifer Masterson, Cindy Partridge, Gretchen Schultz
2011 - Berna Hart Welch, Laurie Doumaux, Stephanie Hedgepath
2012 - Ken Matthews, Mary Burke, Steve Keating
2013 - Tom Schulz, Sylvia Donahey-Fenney, Dr. Clyde Shaw
2014 - Linda Willard, Charlie Fippin, Ellen Frost
2015 - Debbie Berry, Ainslie Mills, Nancy Liebes
2016 - Nancy Kelly, Bill Lauderdale, Betty Stites

Dogs owned or co-owned by the Gala committee members or members
of his/her family may show as Exhibition Only at this event, if they have a dog qualifying.


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